Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday, I'm in LOVE

If you ever listened to the Cure, you would know where the title came from. My husband proposed to me 16 years ago on a Friday and the first song I heard after, when I got in my car, it that song just happened to be playing. I thought it was so special.
Anyway.....I have been thinking a lot about Valentines Day and wanted to make something all about love, but nothing real good came to mind. Oh, I have had a few ideas, but not anything I just couldn't wait to make. You know what I mean?!
Well, I got my Lettered Cottage email today and it was full of beautiful images from Kristin Abler's home.  There is a sign in there with the word LOVE...see below...

the inspiration 
 ...and I just had to make my own version! I was totally motivated. Besides, I already had a square piece of wood painted white sitting on my table for 3 days waiting for me to paint something fun on it. 
I loved the vintage feel and simplicity of the original and I tried to capture that same style. I believe the original is a framed print, but mine is painted wood. I also painted a black border on it because the letters looked blah and lonely without it.

It was not quite ready to hang when I took the pics, but I didn't have much time before picking the kids up and I wanted to get some pics....

So, for a decorative look, I just rested it on my headboard against the wall. 

If you get a moment, skip on over to Layla's, the Lettered Cottage to check out the inspiration (there is pic of a wall of signs that is amazing & I want to make them all)!

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