Monday, July 25, 2011

Simple & Quick BLT Salad for 2

I didn't anticipate sharing recipes here, but I do occasionally like to cook, bake, or in this case "not cook." I guess this is "not" cooking, but rather making a meal.
While visiting my family in Indianapolis, IN last week, we had dinner at the Cheesecake Factory because I don't have one where I live and I looooove their green tea with mint! So whenever I visit, it is now tradition to dine there. Besides the awesome tea, their food is pretty good (for a chain restaurant), too.
My dad ordered the BLT salad and it looked so refreshing during these dog days of summer. This is my attempt at imitating their BLT salad for 2:

You will need:

1 head of iceburg lettuce
1 med tomato
shredded cheese of your choice
your favorite ranch dressing
chopped REAL bacon ( I used the Oscar Meyer prechopped
because it is supposed to be easy & quick.
You can cook and chop your own bacon, though)

Cut your head of lettuce in half & rinse and pat dry. Set aside.
Dice your tomato. Place each lettuce half on a plate.
Spoon desired amount of ranch dressing on the lettuce and spread
to cover the top.

Then, start layering your other toppings. I started with the bacon.

Then, the shredded cheese,

and last, the tomato. Repeat for other salad. Easy peasy!

There you have it! A simple salad that presents well and tastes like summer.
If you make it, tell me what you think!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Vignettes: The Art of Display

When it comes to decorating, the final touches matter very much. Usually, filling empty places with inspiring items is what completes the room. After all the major pieces of furniture are in place, you have bare spaces such as your walls and table tops, mantels, bookshelves, etc, that will hold some of your precious collectibles, keepsakes, candles or whatever pieces that inspire you. It is an art to be able to display these pieces in a cohesive way without looking dreadfully cluttered.You create pretty vignettes around the space which invoke the feeling you want for that particular space. It is truly an art.

Here are few pointers when it comes to creating vignettes:

a.) Stick with your color scheme

b.) It's best to work in odd numbers. It is more visually appealing to display items this way. Don't put just 2 items on a shelf or table because 1 or 3 look better and so forth. 

c.) Stagger your items by height with tallest in the back or on the side. You can work your height down from the back or from the sides toward the center or even from one side to the other.

d.) Step back every few minutes to see how it looks and adjust as needed.

e.) Have fun being creative!

Look through these vignettes below to see if these 'rules' were used.
I hope you find the images inspiring and as you look at the room around you, if your like me, you will want to get up and redecorate a mantel or tabletop after looking at these, just like watching an episode of Hoarders makes me want to clean!

   *a stack of books would count as 1 item.

Source: via Becky on Pinterest

Source: via Alana on Pinterest

Source: via Sheila on Pinterest

Source: via Tanya on Pinterest

Source: via Joelle on Pinterest

Source: via Rachel on Pinterest

Source: None via Krystal on Pinterest

Source: via Sole on Pinterest

Source: via Anna on Pinterest

Vignettes make a space yours. There are no two alike. They display your loves, your personality.
I will soon have a Vignette sharing day where you wonderful readers can share picks of your own creative displays. Details coming soon! So, go clear off that dusty bookshelf and rearrange and display!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Revival: The Boler Caravan

I have had this 1975 Boler caravan (camper trailer) for about 8 years and knew I would fix it up one day, but I didn't think I would wait this long.
Boler trailers were created by Canadian, Ray Olecko. He was selling cars when he became fascinated by fiberglass and designed a lightweight septic tank. While camping with his family he envisioned a lightweight trailer made from fiberglass for 4; 2 adults and 2 kids, bunks included. Soon, a mold was made and trailers were made and ready to sell. He named it the Boler because he thought it looked like the bowler hat. These were so light, one could pick it up and tow around by hand. It is estimated between 7,000-10,000 were made from 1968-1978 in Winnepeg. Only a few hundred have survived, today. I am fortunate to be a recipient of one of these rare trailers. I am going to revive it with the help of my husband.

You see, the outside has this grungy camo paint job! My husband used it in the woods while hunting. I can see through all that ugly and envision a bright white top, light aqua blue bottom, and lots of chrome. This is 13 feet long. On the inside it is 10' long and 6' wide. Somehow, they fit a dining table with booth seats, a full size bed, a kitchen, a closet, a toilet, a couch, and bunk beds in that space! It is so lightweight, a small car can tow it with a ball hitch. I want to use it for beach trips and festivals.

There is a lot of work to be done. I had my husband move it from behind the shed to the gravel drive by my deck. I figured if it was close by, I wouldn't have any excuses to keep me from cleaning it up. Except for maybe the 100 degree temps!

You see the inside has the 70s gold floor. If it cleans well, I may work with it. I really prefer to keep the Boler as original as possible.

It has the bunk beds with compartments for storage. I took the cushions out prior to this picture. It folds down into a couch/lounge area. I will reupholster all the cushions and add more throw pillows.

You can see in the dining area, all the mildew that needs to be removed. That is my husband checking the windows.

This kitchen needs some serious work. I will paint it all white and try to find the lever hinges that originally came with it. It had chrome lever hinges, like a ship. Unfortunately, Someone replaced them with these brass handles. They also added those hideous floral panels to the cabinets. Those must go.

More mildew. The mildew is everywhere. Nothing, a bottle of Tilex can't cleanup. It does have a closet, though as you can see in the pic. I think we will build some kind of shelving unit in there.
I have been looking online for some inspiration and here are some that I have found:

at Feather and Nest

more inspirations:

Did that make you want a caravan? You should find one. Maybe, check Craigslist. If you take on a project caravan, please share your pics with me. I would love to see them. I will post my progress. So far, I have Tilexed a couple panels on the walls. I will post when I have cleaned the interior, next.