Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Burlap Elf Stockings

Wow! what a week it has been! First, Thanksgiving then Black Friday and finally Cyber Monday.
The best seller award in my shop goes to my burlap elf stockings. I never anticipated such a buzz!

There they are! Simple and rustic goodness with a dash of whimsy!

I just freehand drew out the shape of an elf stocking on some brown paper (cuz I had it around, but poster board would be best because it would hold up the best) and used it as my pattern.
Traced the shape twice onto the burlap and cut out.
Put one piece on top of the other, matching the shapes and sew, leaving the top open. Don't forget to add your loop of twine or ribbon right before you reach the end of the stocking to hang it with. You can add a stenciled initial or monogram. Some lace, Jingle bells, or pompoms or all together. I like them plain jane, myself. This year, at least. 
If you are not the sewing kind, you can buy these lovelies from my shop until Dec 5th.

I will be at the Brown Bag Art Sale in Atlanta this Saturday. I have been busy gathering and making art, ornaments, wreaths, and gifts for that, too! It's that time of year!
Stop by and see me if you can!

Happy making!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Good Times

I've been pinning a bunch of old circus photos knowing I wanted to print them and frame them for my home. I love the people in them. I wish I knew their stories of trials and travels.
I printed one out on brown paper and used it in my newest piece of art, titled, "Good Times, Good Times."
This trio of style, just makes me smile. Their hair is hilarious! It would make a great greeting card, actually. 

I am selling the original and limited edition prints. 

Happy making!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Chunky Knit

I ordered this beautiful yarn from The Gingko Leaf on Etsy, 250 yards of the luscious, cuddly stuff.
It is hand handspun, undyed, Australian Merino wool. It  has been waiting for me to make something beautiful with it for a couple months.

I thought this would be enough to make one of those big chunky knit blankets. I am sadly mistaken. 
You actually need even more chunky yarn and pvc pipe or your arms or something like that. Sounds silly, but I will get all that one day and bust out some pipes and make that super chunky blanket. You watch. Until then...

I have my thick & thin fat puffy yarn all rolled into nice fuzzy balls in my pretty vintage basket. It looks so pretty just like that. It makes good decor for winter, actually. 

My coffee is warm, fresh carnations in a warm peach color inspire me to get creative. I will make a long, chunky scarf instead. Maybe, two.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I am so thankful for my life. Blessings overflow. I am even thankful for the tough times. They only teach me and make me wiser. 

Monday, November 21, 2011

From Pallet to Art with a Beatles Twist

I have repurposed another dusty pallet and made it something charming and unique!
I used the Beatles lyrics from "All You Need Is Love" and painted the panels alternating
black & white stripes. I put a big light turquoise heart in the center because red would be too obvious. 
No, really, because I am loving turquoise this year, so why not a blue heart?
Anyway, I think it turned out really funky and fun.

I listed it in my Etsy shop (SOLD & now, hanging in Deep South Pout boutique), but I would so love to hang it in my living room. 
This would so rock in a teen room, too. Oh, or even in a funky beach cottage.

Right now, it is sitting on my living room floor, next to a guitar, of course.

Pallets can be found all over the place and sometimes stores will give them away. 
I have made tables with them, too. There are lots of ideas floating around on blogs like Apartment Therapy and Pinterest. I hope this has inspired to take an old wooden piece and make art out of it.

P.S. I have entered this project in Not Just a Housewife's DIY contest. Check it out!

P.S.S. This can be found here, too!

Funky Junk's Saturday Nite Special

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Dollar Store Rag Rug Pillow Covers

I am so excited about these pillow covers! They are super chic, simple to make for all levels of sewing, and really, really affordable. These pillows cost me only $1 each to make!

All you have to do to make these is:

 fold them like an envelope, with right sides together.
Sew up each side.
Turn right side out.
Hand sew a button or two where you would like and you're done!

Until then, I wanted to share the pics I took of them. 

They are rag rugs from the Dollar store and I have always loved the texture of these rugs. I knew I wanted to make something with them, but wasn't sure what. Then, as I held them and really checked them out, I knew the people around me must have been thinking I was crazy hanging out with the dollar rugs for what seemed like forever! I kept folding them  to see how they looked as pillows. I was pulling on them to see if they stretched too much. It all looked good, so I grabbed a couple and headed home full of anticipation. You know that giddy feeling, when you get some bright idea for a craft and get your supplies and can't wait to get home to make it! You know you know. Okay, maybe, I'm the only one who gets that way, but I doubt it.

What's nice is these look pretty from both sides. This is the plain side, sans button. I like the simplicity of it. The textures and colors of the recycled knits make this pillow cover stunning.

I also like the detail of the fringe ends of the rugs.
I just used buttons I had in my stash.

I will be selling  these in my shop, too. 

Also, Thanks to for featuring me on her site last week and 
congratulations to ERIN at for winning one of my wood art signs!

P.S. I am entering this project in Not Just a Housewife's Best DIY Project of 2011 contest! Check it out: