Monday, May 21, 2012

Sign Inspirations

I am inspired and love signs with simple fonts with only 2 or 3 colors. If I paint a sign, I want it to look as authentic as possible. I do not want it to like a store print with too many graphics and no soul. However, I did find some very graphic farm signs I love! They are handpainted so theygot the soul I love. 
I needed some signage inspiration and these are what I found this morning. 

I love the distressing of this authentic post office sign!

Paris subway signs

not a subway sign, but beautiful inspiration for a cafe sign

Good 'ol American BBQ signage inspiration like this pig shaped one make me smile! I need to recreate this one:

Farmers' market signs 

Farm signs

Bakery signs

this one has a touch of humor and I want to make an inspired version of it:

I won't be making this one, though! lol:

love this, too:

Cigar shop signs

I love the name of this cigar shop!: