Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Revival #2

Ok, so this is a strange Revival, but a revival, nonetheless. I was looking at my very old bathroom scale. She is probably about 10 years old! She has been my dear friend at times and at others my disdain! Let's just say, she has seen me through my "ups & downs."

Well, my husband needed to use her to weigh some things for a project outside and she was left out in the rain. (He never seems to put anything back where he found it.grrrrrr!) Well, her somewhat white stick on top, where you put your feet, began top peel off. But the old gal still worked! So, I gave her a makeover.

I must say, she turned out so cute! I took off her peeling, sticky facing and traced it onto the back of some scrapbook paper I had in my stash. I cut that out and spread Modge Podge(a decoupage glue) all over the top of the scale wher the old piece was. Then, I carefully place the orange polkadot paper in place. I took a spoon and used the back of it to rub out any air bubbles from the center out towards the sides. I am a very impatient crafter, so I used my trusty hair dryer to hurry the process along. Once dried, I used a sponge brush to cover the paper with water-based, satin finish polyurethane. I applied 2 coats. that was it! I think she looks great sitting in my bathroom. Who wouldn't want to step on this scale?!
So, if you have an old scale that looks like it needs replacing and just takes away from your decorated bath decor, add some coordinating paper to it! Don't throw it away! No waste, here. Actually, if I had it laying around, I would have use oilcloth, instead of scrapbook paper. That way I wouldn't have to poly it. But this works just fine and there are definitely more paper selections and are readily available to most peoplem unlike oilcloth.

Well, if you revive an old scale, I would love for you to share it here!


Friday, June 24, 2011

Revival #1

I will title my before and after furniture pieces, "Revival." Since, they are being 'revived,' after all.
My first piece is an antique dresser I found at Goodwill. It had big dark purple bunnies on the front of the drawers. They were sponged on and very difficult to cover up, even with primer.

I wiped it down and sanded it with 100 grit paper.

It did have a wonderful blue color for the base. I managed to let some of that show through after I distressed it. Ok, after sanding, I wiped down, again and then filled in some damaged areas with wood filler. I like to use my fingers to do that because it is so much easier. I just get a bit on my finger and press in area and rub in till smooth. Let dry and lightly sand with 220 grit paper.

It really had good lines. The feet were turned and the drawers are dovetailed. Those are the things I look for when buying furniture. It has to be quality and solid wood. No particle board,please. 
After filling in areas, I then primed the whole thing. I like to used water based primers because it is easier to clean up. They work well, too. After that dried, I painted it all over with Walmart's Table Linen White in flat paint. It is only $7.77 a gallon! I use flat paint because that is the closest to old milk paints. Milk paint is what has been used for centuries. However, it is hard to find and very pricey. I finish with a wax to give it a protective finish. It took 3 coats, though. I probably should have primed twice to cover the bunnies. The bunnies were te problem. That is why it took 3 coats. After all that, I sanded down area where I imagine normal wear would happen, like around the knobs, the edges, the feet to give it a distressed look. It some places I didn't sand all the way to the wood. I sanded just enough to let some of that pretty blue come through. As if it had worn through over time. I then rubbed my raw umber colored glaze over the entire piece to add a warm and worn color to the dresser. I focused around the knobs where your hands would have touched over many years. The crevices are also filled with the glaze. It just adds that finishing touch to look as if the piece had been made this way over generations. I finish it with a natural furniture wax. I use a big natural brush to brush it on and then wait about an hour to let it dry. Then I go back with a piece of clean muslin and buff it. Here is the finished piece:

Oh, I replaced the big wooden, round knobs with large glass ones from Hobby Lobby. Oh yeah, my dog, Colby thought it was beautiful, too! I have to take my pics on my front porch because that is where I get the best light. So, you notice I take many pics here. What's a girl to do?!
Feel free to ask any questions about this process. Now, go find an old piece, maybe around your own home, and Revive it!

my newest painting

I know I said I was going to share my furniture redo project, but first I want to share my newest folk art painting. I love these 2 girls. They are the best of friends and it shows!

I used a 16"x30" canvas and the prettiest sky blue and chartreusse for the background. I stamped words that represent friendship around them, like trust, reliable, fun, and loyal.

The edges are striped black and white.

Their cheeks are rosy, too.
Look at their striped tights! 
It is now for sale in my Etsy shop.

Ok, now I will work on my before and after of my antique chest of drawers...

coming soon...

. antique chest of drawers revival...