Sunday, November 20, 2011

Dollar Store Rag Rug Pillow Covers

I am so excited about these pillow covers! They are super chic, simple to make for all levels of sewing, and really, really affordable. These pillows cost me only $1 each to make!

All you have to do to make these is:

 fold them like an envelope, with right sides together.
Sew up each side.
Turn right side out.
Hand sew a button or two where you would like and you're done!

Until then, I wanted to share the pics I took of them. 

They are rag rugs from the Dollar store and I have always loved the texture of these rugs. I knew I wanted to make something with them, but wasn't sure what. Then, as I held them and really checked them out, I knew the people around me must have been thinking I was crazy hanging out with the dollar rugs for what seemed like forever! I kept folding them  to see how they looked as pillows. I was pulling on them to see if they stretched too much. It all looked good, so I grabbed a couple and headed home full of anticipation. You know that giddy feeling, when you get some bright idea for a craft and get your supplies and can't wait to get home to make it! You know you know. Okay, maybe, I'm the only one who gets that way, but I doubt it.

What's nice is these look pretty from both sides. This is the plain side, sans button. I like the simplicity of it. The textures and colors of the recycled knits make this pillow cover stunning.

I also like the detail of the fringe ends of the rugs.
I just used buttons I had in my stash.

I will be selling  these in my shop, too. 

Also, Thanks to for featuring me on her site last week and 
congratulations to ERIN at for winning one of my wood art signs!

P.S. I am entering this project in Not Just a Housewife's Best DIY Project of 2011 contest! Check it out:


  1. So cute! I have some outdoor pillows I need to recover, silly me, I have been looking at cushion covers on ebay. Now I am going to look for rugs at the .99 cent store instead - brilliant!

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