Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Painted Picture Frames with Super Cute Mats

I was up late last night painting these picture frames, trying to get some new things finished before I head out of town next week. I can't wait to put these in my home! I've been meaning to print some of my pictures of my kids and now these have motivated me to do that. Until, I get those printed, I put some vintage photos I had found on Pinterest in the frames for an example of what a black & white will look like in these bright frames.


You can make this too! If you have an old wood frame that needs a new life, paint it.
Take a mat and cut out scrabpook paper or fabric by using an Exacto knife, following the outline of the mat. I use a super hold glue stick to stick the paper to the mat because liquid glue will make it wrinkle.

Happy Making!

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  1. CUTE! I found your blog when we were both in the Top 12 at Whisperwood Cottage, and I love what you do! I have been given the Liebster Award, and am so excited to pass it on to you! You can read about it on my blog tonight! Thanks, Jen


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