Thursday, February 2, 2012

Around the Home: Peroxide Stain Remover

I'm excited to share with you my new discovery about getting stains out of your carpet for cheap and easy. It might be something people already know about, but it's new to me.
The other day I cut my foot and got blood on my carpet! I tried to dab it up, poor salt on it to soak it up, and then dab it. Well, nothing worked. So, I decided to try peroxide. As soon as I poured it on, the stain was gone, to my amazement! So, the following day, I went around to all the stains on my carpet, made by my kids, to see if it would work on old, old stains. It did! 
All you do is pour it on and press firmly with a clean rag or paper towel and it's gone.

Here are some before & afters:

Before: year old grease stain

After: stain gone!

Before: red marker stain
After: marker stain gone

I hope this helps you if you've had stubborn stains that you thought you could never get out.
If you have any more tips to share about stain removal, I would love to know in the comments!

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  1. Some carpets are treated with a protectant that will be removed if you use peroxide. One way to tell if your carpet has this treatment is if liquids sit on top of the carpet instead of seeping down into the carpet pad. Review your carpet warranty; some manufacturers have specific guidelines you must follow to maintain the guarantee.

    Giovanni Benedict


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