Friday, April 19, 2013

I Realize I Have a Thing for Turquoise

I am excited to be back to my blog after such a long time! I had to let it go last year and focus on my little business and family. Things are more in order and I even had time to paint a piece of furniture for myself! I recently painted this vintage dresser with the help of my honey. Well, he did the painting and I told him what to do was the artistic director for the project.
The result was this bright and happy little charmer of a dresser! All turquoisy (is that a word?) and preppy with the shiny red knobs. I am known for making things look "old" or "vintage", but lately I like the look of satin to shiny, bright colored furniture.
This started off cream with gold leaf accents. I forgot to get good before pics! I have one that gives a little idea of it in it's vintage state:

I loved it like this for many years. It was time for a change! Did I mention I bought this dresser at a yard sale years ago for $10?! It is solid wood and well-constructed. 
We used a paint sprayer that I've had for a while, but never used. Now, I want to paint everything with it!

A paint sprayer is an amazing tool for your furniture painting arsenal. The result is a smooth, even finish... a professional finish. They are inexpensive, too. The only drawback is cleanup. You have to take it apart and clean and dry each piece.

While he painted, I headed to Hobby Lobby to change out the bohemian, hand painted knobs I had purchased for shiny red ones. After we began painting, I felt I wanted a preppy look more than bohemian. Sometimes that happens! You think you're going in one direction and then inspiration strikes and you take a whole new direction. Just go with it!

When I got home, he was already done! Teamwork is awesome, especially with your Honey! 

I had to drill bigger holes for the knobs to fit. That took all of 5 minutes. I put those bad boys on and stood back and smiled! She's so bright and happy! 

He didn't want to paint the inside of the drawers but I made him told him how much better it looks when the inside of the drawers match. After seeing it, he agreed.

I am going to use it in my closet-less bathroom for storage. I lined the top two drawers with a mustard yellow liner. 

I am really happy with the result and can't wait to paint my bathroom walls white and finish redecorating it so I can share pictures with you. I will share as I go. 
By the way, I am noticing that I have a "thing" for turquoise, considering my front door and, now, this dresser are dawning this classic yet eclectic &  chic color, which reminds me of the beach. If i can't live there, I'll just bring it home!

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