Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Scramble Dog

I dug up this old post and wanted to share it, again. Mmmm, it makes me hungry, too. 

Living down South means you sustain yourself with foods full of flavor. There is no such thing as bland down here. The Scramble Dog is no exception to that rule. In Columbus, Georgia there is a small town pharmacy in Midtown know as, Dinglewood Pharmacy.  Generations of Columbusites (I  don't know if that's even what you call them, but that's their name, now!) have been frequenting this quaint soda shop/pharmacy to enjoy a Scramble Dog and a Coke Cola. It's really a tradition. If your mom and dad haven't brought you here, then your "Papa" or "Mema" has brought you here at one time and,for most, it's a regular thing to do.
Lieutenant Stevens (his nickname, not an actual military name), seen above, while he didn't create the Scramble Dog, he did perfect it. Hungry customers wait, normally, 30 minutes to get their "fix" for some Scramble Dog. Across from AFLAC headquarters, Dan Amos, CEO, has been known to stop by for one.
So, what is this Scramble Dog? It is served in a boat, akin to a banana split.The hot dog is cut-up and placed in a Southern Maid hot dog bun.Add mustard, pickles, onions, chunks of cheese, and cover with chili, raising the bun while you smother so that the dog floats in the 'top-secret' chili. (The chili was flown to the White House during the Carter presidency.) Top with oyster crackers and eat with a spoon. *A lot of southerners top it off with hot sauce, too.

Serve up this southern goodness at home. You can find these ingredients in your local grocer.
Hot dogs
hot dog buns
cheddar cheese cubed
oyster crackers
*hot sauce
While it may not be exactly like the original, it is still so yummy made at home. These are great for Sunday football gatherings, too. Just layout the toppings in serving dishes on your table or kitchen island and let your guests make their own Scramble Dog. Don't forget the Coke and sweet tea, too! (I will post directions for perfect southern sweet tea, soon)
Happy making!

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