Friday, January 13, 2012

I LOve YoU Dry Erase Board - DIY

Valentines Day will be here soon and I have been looking on Pinterest for some making ideas. 

I found this really cute dry erase frame by Flamingo Toes and thought, 

"I've got to make that!"

 I can embroider, but I chose to use school handwriting paper for mine. Mostly, because it would be a lot faster and I had some on hand. 

I got my wood frame at Dollar General for $4.00
The paper was from there, too. I think it was about $1.50.
I had some drop cloth and zebra grosgrain ribbon to use to make the flowers.
I accented some flowers with white glitter and a vintage button.

To make the rosettes, start by tying a knot on one of a 1 1/2" strip of fabric.

Then twist and wrap the fabric around that knot till you come to the end and tuck it in the back. Hot glue a felt circle, slightly smaller than your rosette, to the back to hold everything together. Then decorate or leave plain and hot glue to your frame.

Here they are complete and each is different. One is plain, another has a button, one is made from zebra grosgrain, and the last has glitter for sparkle. 

Take a piece of paper and cut it to the size of the glass on your frame. I traced around the outside of the glass and cut. With a ruler and a red pencil, draw a line to look like the margin on most paper. I did this to add a little color to it.

I crinkled my paper to look like a found love note, like FlamingoToes'. This is what it should like. If your a minimalist, you can stop here. But I added the flowers at this point.

I distressed the wood frame to give a grungy, rustic look by sanding the edges and a couple places around the glass. Wiped it off and Voila! 
I love it! I added a sweet Valentine note for mow, but I can just wipe off and write something new whenever my heart desires. This is also great for ToDo lists or reminders.  

Happy Making!


  1. So creative, Pam! The flowers, the crumpled paper, and the dry erase concept are all fabulous! Thanks for linking up to the 1st Project of the Year Party!

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