Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Repurpose: Vintage Windows

I have been looking for the perfect size vintage window to repurpose and put black & white 8x10 photos behind the glass panes. I have found several windows but the panes were too small. I am patient, though. You just "know" when you find the perfect piece for a project.

Well, I have found many cool and pretty picture of how other very creative & crafty ones used their windows and I wanted to show you some eye candy! I hope they inspire you to not throw out that old window, but repurpose it and keep our landfills less full.

source: poetandchic.com via Annie Wilson on Pinterest
Vintage window used as jewelry organizer! 

beneathmyheart.com via NewEveryMorning on Pinterest
Greenhouse made from old windows! How smart!!

source: casadedaisy.blogspot.com via Amy Jean on Pinterest
I love the world maps in this teal window.

source: marthastewartweddings.com via Smitten Kitten on Pinterest
Window as a menu.

source: gapinteriors.com via Michel Neal on Pinterest
This is kinda what I am going for, except my pics will fill in the panes. 

source: wists.com

source: milk and honey design via hammersandhighheels.com

 source: thebooandtheboy.com via Emily Burns-Leary

I love the vintage fabric used in the window and then over the bed.

Happy Making!


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