Thursday, August 11, 2011

Treasure Hunting

I love to go hunting for treasure, the kind I can decorate my home with. I found some really cool things at the Front Porch of the South. This one of the cool place in Columbus, Ga to find vintage pieces for a good price. The Attic is another favorite of mine.
I haven't had the energy on Saturday mornings to get out to yard sales (where I find the BEST deals) and I needed to restock for my upcoming show in Atlanta at the Girls Love to Shop Show at Cobb Galleria, September 16 & 17, so I walked through the many isles of Front Porch (there are over 300 vendors!) and found these awesome pieces.

I love the chippy red paint on that crate! I also found a vintage seltzer dispenser made in Belgium for a NY company, a collection of vintage Elf on the Shelf, wire basket, and an awesome adding machine crate.

Check out the typography on this crate. I have been eyeing this crate since Front Porch opened a couple months ago. It was $22.00. I kept saying, "If it's still here next time, I will get it." Well, after 4 trips, I did. I am really excited to repurpose it, but I may find it hard to part with and sell!

I went to Indiana 3 weeks ago and found this stacking basket with handle and had to have it. I have never seen one like it. I love baskets. I will probably use it for a sewing basket. I also found a vintage whale shaped wood cutting board! I forgot to take a pic of  it, though!

 Oh, that's my little dachshund, Emo! I just noticed him in the pic.

Today, I am heading to the Attic on Hamilton Rd. in Columbus, Ga to see what I can find and see my good friend, Caroline who has a great booth up there. I will post my finds here and on twitter. If you would like to follow me on twitter, my name on there is : pammakesthings

Take care!


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